Secrets Squirrel

Security Can Be Easier

Secrets Squirrel

With the power of Amazon Web Services, secrets squirrel helps you reduce the risk of attacks using compromised credentials. Centrally manage privileged identities and prevent unauthorized access to critical systems. You can secure and protect all privileged account passwords, SSH keys, API Keys, and Database user passwords in a highly-secure serverless offering to prevent the loss, theft or unauthorized sharing of privileged credentials. Enforce access controls, required by most compliance bodies by providing a way for users to “check out” credentials, and generate full, detailed reports to automate and demonstrate compliance.


Prevent unauthorized users from accessing privileged account credentials and ensure authorized users have the necessary access for legitimate business purposes.


Protect privileged account credentials used in on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments, as well as throughout the DevOps pipeline.


Update and synchronize privileged account passwords, SSH keys, API keys, and DB credentials, at regular intervals or on-demand, with simple to build or pre-built policies.


You get the control of how your secrets are dispersed and managed. However we automate it for you as much as we can so you can focus on serving your customers.