Can Be 

We all need to be able to do our job.


The secret fast track to providing Authentication and Authorization to AWS serverless offerings.

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Ez PKI SSL Machine

No haSSLe TLS and Public Key Infrastrcture tool. For those who are hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, and need to potect data intransit.

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Secrets Squirrel

Secrets, keys and passwords need to be protected. We make it easy to seperate the user from the credentials.

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Cloud Connectivity

Great Clouds come with unlimited power and customization possibilities

Mix and Match the various Cloud Providers and their best offerings for unlimted options to ignite your business.

A few things we’re great at

Taking the mystery out of security process and tools. 

For Software Engineers

Most security tools are built for the Security Expert. Our tools are built for the everyday engineer in your organization. Because everyone should be able to help protect the organization.


Do it right the first time. Then script it, so it’s right everytime. We use our own tools at Bluebot and we don’t like doing the same task over and over again. We assume you dont either. We automate all the things!

For the Cloud

Designed with the idea that you are going to be moving in to the cloud, or already there. We provide the flexibility to have a consistent service across multiple cloud providers.

Built to be up and running fast

A tool you can’t get running is not very useful. All of our tools are designed for a cloud first, minimum click, modular deployment, adaptable to your continuous delivery pipeline.

The Secret of Success

The true secret to help your organization “Be more secure”. Make  applying security practices to everyday work tasks as easy or as transparent to the user as possible, but not any more.

Make it accessible

Make its easy for your users to do the right thing.

Make it part of the flow

Don’t interrupt the workflow, integrate into the workflow.

Make it connected

Make it integrated and connected, so your team doesn’t have to do unecessary tasks.

Make it serverless

Optimize your cloud computing with serverless solutions, that scale on demand.

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